Wednesday, March 20, 2013

USSD base balance check on Linux using datacard

If you are Indian Data card user, having data card of micromax, beetal,huwai,zte we have always option to check your balance on windows OS as they provide software for that but what about Linux. I accept the pleasure of using that software is quite awesome but still we can check our data card balance on linux using a free app called Prepaid Manager.

Linux Prepaid Manager

First Install Prepaid Manager. Installing will not let you to use these app. You have also install a configuration file in which all settings are there called serviceproviders.xml

First Install libxml2-utils
sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils
if faile use command su instead of sudo.

open file manager in admin mode
 sudo nautilus
or sudo namo .....
whatever your file manager is
and search for serviceproviders.xml open in text editor
look for your service provider.
where to search this file

First Look for your operator like Aircel, Vodafone, Relaince .....

Example of Aircel
and add before <apn></apn> tag


     <ussd replacement="CODE">*130*CODE#</ussd>

Save the file and use Prepaid manager software.

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  2. its works , please tell me the ussd code for checking balance of Reliance

    1. GPRS Data bal - *367*3#
      GPRS DATA balance Check type " MBAL" and send to 55333

  3. Thanks for sharing but it's not working with MTNL (*446#) on Micromax. When I click on the "check" button, it shows "awaiting modem response" but then it doesn't return anything.

    1. you have to exact USSD code, I am using With Airtel *123*10#, Aircel
      *121*011# ...

  4. I think micromax modems are not supported for USSD in linux, they can work but for USSD part they are shit, better to use Huawei Modems, they have support for linux as well. Like MObile Partner, which will also allow you to call, if modem has the capability. I also tried a lot for my micromax 352g, i used many applications like Modem manager gui and prepaid manager, wammu, gsm-ussd, none of them worked for this particular micromax modem. Thumbs down to This Indian manufacturer.

    1. Modem manager gui also good with ton of features even can send sms but USSD not working on Linux Mint KDE 17.1 and Netrunner 16

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